A Guide to Keyboard Test Utilities

The Keyboard Test utility is a free computer application that helps to determine the actual configuration of the keyboard and the physical size of the mouse used by you when using Microsoft Word. If you have been experiencing problems with the layout of your keyboard, then this utility can help you determine the problem and provide appropriate solutions to it. This is one of the tools that can help you fix various errors of the keyboard. You can simply download it from the website of Microsoft and follow the instructions that will be provided in the wizard.

The first thing that you need to do is to uninstall any utility that has been installed on your computer. In your Start Menu, go to Control Panel > Add Remove Program and delete the utility that is associated with the keyboard. After doing so, restart your computer to put your machine back to normal settings. The next step that you need to do is to uninstall any drivers or add-on applications from your computer using the Remove Driver dialog box.

After that, uninstall any other driver software that is installed on your system, except for the Microsoft keyboard driver. Also uninstall any software that is not using your CPU's resources by right-clicking it and selecting Remove Driver Software. After that, restart your computer for completing the installation. Finally, plug your keyboard into the USB port of your laptop and then open up the Task Manager to start the process of starting the driver software. When the software starts up, disconnect your laptop from the USB port.

To test your keyboard's typing speed and accuracy, you need to use the Windows Key Testing Tool. To do this, open up the Task Manager by clicking on the Start button on your desktop and clicking on the Control Panel button. Then, go to the Program menu and click the "Keyboard Test" option to run a free keyboard test.

A new window will appear on your screen. Use the right and left arrows to display the options you can choose from when conducting a test. To determine the kind of test that you are using, select the "osi-type-only" option if you want to use the standard input method. The "osi-type-plus" option is used if you want to test the enhanced or digital keyboard.

The next step is to provide the names of the keyboards that you are using in your laptop. It helps if you provide the full names of the buttons since some utilities provide the model name along with the keyboard layout. In the "input Type" section, select the appropriate driver for the keyboard that you have just tested. Some applications only require the proper device driver to properly function.

After that, click "run" to run the keyboard test utility. It takes just a few seconds for the test utility to start up and complete the process. The results will show up in about five to ten minutes. Just wait patiently while it completes the test and provide the names of the keyboards and the operating systems that they are designed to work with. The entire process is automated, so you do not need to do anything manually.

If there are problems with the input devices, you may opt to have them replaced. It does not take too long to find a compatible replacement. You can order it online if you do not have the time to go shopping or are uncomfortable carrying the keyboard around. You can also request for free technical support via email or telephone. Most of the manufacturers provide assistance to their regular customers and offer money back guarantee if there is a problem with the keyboard that was purchased.