AnyBurn is the latest version of the AnyDVD software. Its creator, John Lee, claims that he had been looking for a free program that could be used to burn DVDs without any special knowledge of burning. He wanted something that could handle the tasks involved such as ripping and burning CDs.

It comes as no surprise that many of the popular DVD burning programs are all free of charge these days, but what John and his team at AnyBurn have managed to achieve is quite remarkable. AnyBurn 5.5 is a very powerful, yet easy-to-use, DVD burning software that is very user-friendly and flexible, not to mention extremely reliable (running on a fairly up-to-date Windows PC - not that you really need to be using that version of Windows anymore, because it's a very long way from support these days). The software does, however, come with a small price, so don't expect to get a free trial to make sure that you can actually use the software on your computer without any problems or glitches.

The way it works is that you'll notice that there are two discs in your disc collection. The first one is the blank DVD disc, which we'll need in order to start burning. The second one is the program disc, and this will contain a "loader" program, which we can use to load our disc into the disc burner. We can just copy all the information from the blank DVD disc into our loader. That's all there is to the procedure. The program itself is simple and effective. You can choose from several preset settings for the disc, including the size, color, and even a fade-in effect before you burn.

The software does, however, come with a few limitations, which means that full functionality can only be achieved by installing the latest version. For instance, the program does not run with the most recent operating systems like Windows 95 and 98. The program will also not work with any kind of external USB device. However, this problem is easily resolved by going through the user manual at AnyBurn's website.

AnyoneBurn's creators claim that they have spent a lot of time making the program as user-friendly as possible and have taken extreme care in the programming and design of the software. With the proper installation and use, AnyBurn is one of the best DVD burning tools out there.